Aromatherapy in Pregnancy


Aromatherapy in
Recently we unveiled a brand new- and very exciting- collaboration with a gorgeous small brand called Take Five Aromatherapy. Check out our What's New collection to view the stunning New Mum and Mum-to-Be candles made using natural essential oils and no nasty chemicals. You guys seem to be loving them too, which is amazing- they make such thoughtful and beautiful gifts!


With this in mind, this week we thought we'd introduce you to Kirsty, creator of Take Five Aromatherapy- plus, we asked her a few questions about aromatherapy in pregnancy too. Enjoy!

Why do you advocate for aromatherapy candles in pregnancy?

From the moment those two blue lines appear we only want what’s best for our body and our bumps....

Opting for a natural candle with pure essential oils is a safe and gentle way to enjoy a whole host of therapeutic aromatherapy benefits throughout your pregnancy, from anti-inflammatory properties to reviving energy boosts, uplifting and mood balancing aids, right through to blends that can soothe, calm and heal us when we need it the most.

Maybe you’re expecting to meet your bundle of joy in the coming weeks, or maybe little one has arrived already and you’re busy navigating motherhood (congratulations!)... Whichever stage of the journey you’re on, aromatherapy can do wonders to boost your well-being and benefit both your body and mind.

Aromatherapy in

How does aromatherapy help, especially during pregnancy?

During pregnancy it can be hard to switch off from all the to-do lists and plans, so finding a few moments to run a relaxing bath with an aromatherapy candle full of

Sit back, de-stress and allow yourself time to bond with baby while the essential oils ease away any tension from the day.

Can new mums benefit from aromatherapy too?

Once baby has arrived it can be all to easy to let self care slip away while you’re enjoying all those newborn cuddles (bliss!)

But as a new mummy it’s important to rest and recover when you can - and lighting an aromatherapy candle can be the gentle nudge you need to sneak away, soak up those delicious aromas and relax. 

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