Caring for Your Toddlers Hands After Washing

Lots of parents have been getting in touch to tell us that the government's advice to wash our hands more frequently is leaving their little ones with red and sore hands. Since the outbreak of CoronaVirus, we're all washing our hands way more than we used to, and this is solid advice that we all must continue to adhere too right now- but that doesn't help when you have a small child who doesn't quite understand the rules, especially if the skin on their hands is inflamed and painful.

We've put together some quick tips on caring for your toddler's hands after washing. Please do share with any friends or family you think might benefit. Please remember that we are not medical professionals. We're mums, sharing tips that have helped us out and we always recommend you seek professional advice if you're at all concerned about your or your child's health and wellbeing.

Caring for your toddler's hands after

1. Wash hands with gentle soap

Lots of hand washes and sanitisers contain harsh chemicals that can leave hands feeling dry, sore and inflamed. if you can, opt for soap that has the shortest ingredients lists and uses natural ingredients wherever possible.

Tip: Bar soaps are a more cost effective and eco-friendly way to wash your hands regularly, lasting a lot longer than liquid hand soap and often being easier for little hands- the pumps on some liquid hand wash bottles can sometimes be a little tricky!

2. Use a soft towel to pat the hands dry

Sometimes leaving the hands to dry naturally can exacerbate the problem- if your
child hasn't rinsed properly, leaving soap to dry on the hands can cause further irritation and soreness. So drying the hands is as important as washing them- but never rub them dry. Use a soft towel to gently pat them dry, making sure you get in between the fingers too.

Tip: It's also a good idea for your child to have their own towel to use, which also
helps to foster independence for good hand hygiene habits too. Use our anti-bacterial and eco-friendly toddler bamboo hand towels- now only £2.99 each.

3. Apply a gentle moisturiser for dry skin

It's a really good idea to re-hydrate the skin after lots of washing, and a good habit to get into is to apply cream after every single hand wash. Turn it into  a game for your child- who can rub their cream in the fastest? Can you count all your fingers as you rub cream into them? Who can make their magic cream disappear first? 

Tip: model good hand hygiene by washing your hands with your child, and applying moisturiser together.

Caring for your toddler's hands after