How to Have an Eco friendly Easter

how to have an eco friendly

Just a short blog about Easter.  That event that seems to hit our shops the moment that the Christmas decorations are down - or perhaps even before that!

The fun of Easter grows and grows each year, with fabulous Easter egg hunts all over the nation, run by the National Trust and Cadburys, and just about every child focused visitor attraction.  And the shops are filled with Easter eggs, toys, and all sorts of goodies.  But are they still full of plastic this year? Are our supermarkets and manufacturers waking up to a more environment friendly Easter?  From what I've seen so far, its still pretty mixed.

So instead of buying chocolate eggs with huge plastic egg shaped packaging - we thought we would create a list of a few nice Easter goodies we've spotted, which won't create overflowing bins and plastic waste.

First and foremost - we cannot fail to mention our very own adorable Cuddlebunny towels for ages 1-3 and 3-6.  Made with supersoft bamboo and cotton, they are lightweight yet supersoft and absorbent, and stay soft forever.  Complete with ears and bunny tail - these will have your little ones hopping around after bath or swim all year long.  A gift for a long time, not just for Easter (although GREAT for that super cute Easter photo for your instagram!).

Next up - and a gorgeous item to give as well as your Cuddlebunny towel (no bias here - honest!) - I have recently discovered the gorgeous UK company PLAYin CHOC who make the most beautiful little boxed chocolates which come with an eco friendly toy.  The environmentalists answer to a Kinder egg!  For Easter they have an adorable rabbit series - SO cute and will keep your little ones delighted for hours.  Find them on instagram @playinchoc - and say we sent you (I'm hoping they might read this one day and send me chocolate rewards).

For more chocolate delights - I've also recently been drawn to the bright fabulous colours of Tony's Chocolonely brand - fairtrade chocolate, gluten free, vegetarian and all.  I spotted them via the Ethical Superstore who are stocking their eggbox full of chocolate easter eggs - which look absolutely delicious, and nice and BIG! (obviously these are for your kids.... aren't they? or just a little nibble for mummy or daddy after baby bedtime perhaps....).

And a final option I just love - from our friends at Frugi - a funky kids steel drinks bottle with bunny design.  Its called the Splish Splash Steel bottle, and is only £10 which I think is a great price from such a quality company.  Check them out at @welovefrugi and have a little 'bunny' search.  There are a few other cute clothing options too.  Wish my little girl was still small enough *sigh*

Hope those prove handy - I just feel really strongly that we make the shift to not just eco gifts for Easter, but perhaps also some that last all year.  The chocolate is gone so fast (not my fault honest) - but perhaps we use Easter as a chance to gift our little ones something they can use every day.

Happy earth friendly Easter everyone! Do let us know if you spot any other ideal eco Easter gifts.  Helen x