Eco-friendly Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Parents

It's that time of year again, and whether you love it or hate it, the kids are going to want to see the elf! With this in mind, we've put together some really simple, easy to set up, eco-friendly Elf on the Shelf ideas for you. Hopefully this post will help you out this year!


Eco-friendly Elf on the Shelf Ideas for



First things first, it pays to be organised! Don't be the parent wide awake at 3am trying to think of a new elf escapade- get planning now! We've added some ideas in already for you to get you started. 

Download the planner here.

1. Gift from the elf. We already shared this one on our planner, but it worth sharing again because our gorgeous CuddleElf bamboo hooded toddler towel is currently on sale for Christmas. Hoorah! What better way to celebrate this quirky tradition you've lumbered yourself with?! Seriously though, this super fun bamboo towel really does make for some cute photos this Christmas.

2.Midnight snack! That cheeky elf is feeling hungry again... Recycle this idea as much as you need to- hide him in the fridge, in the cereal box, the biscuit tin.

3. Drive-in movie night. Sometimes the elf just doesn't move overnight... ahem! So this is a good one to quickly set up while your little one is busy during the day. Pop the elf into or on top of a toy car, get a movie going on your phone and have a little drive-in movie. 

4. Hide and seek. We're all for recycling here at Cuddledry- and this one can be used again and again when you're short on time. Just pop your elf somewhere unusual, and let your little one have fun trying to find it. No need for anything elaborate, especially when you've got 24 days of this!

Eco-friendly Elf on the Shelf Ideas for

5. Treasure hunt. This one is so simple and has the potential to keep your little one busy for ages! Write a quick note from your elf explaining that there are some toys hidden in surprising places around the house. Hide a few toys, let your little one find them, and finish off the treasure hunt with your elf. Done!

6.Fruitbowl friends. Another easy to set up idea! Use a sharpie to draw faces on oranges and bananas in the fruit bowl (or any other fruit with a skin you don't eat!) and hide your elf in there for your little one to discover. Quick, easy to set up- job done!

7. Time to colour. So easy to do! Just set up a colouring book and some pencils and position your elf as the artist. Another easy one that your little one can join in with too.

8. Bathroom messages. This one is probably a little more cheeky than our previous suggestions, but it only takes a minute to set up and a minute to clear away. Use a small amount of toothpaste or soap to write a quick message on the mirror in the bathroom for your little one when they wake.

9. Christmas countdown. Give your elf a little sign with a '... days until Christmas' sign every now and then. Another idea that can be recycled!

10. Hiding in the Christmas tree. That pesky elf! 

So those are just ten of our really simple Elf on the Shelf ideas- perfect for busy parents who either forget or just run out of time. If you have any more, please let us know in the comments- or come and chat with us over on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok!