How to Have an Eco Friendly Christmas

How to have an eco friendly

It's almost here! Only three sleeps to go! And so as Santa starts packing up his sleigh once more, we thought we'd share some really easy tips for making this year more green than white. Here's how to have an eco friendly Christmas- please let us know your thoughts in the comments, get in touch on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and let's end this year with a huge cuddle for our planet!

Wrap it up wisely

Steer clear of plastic backed paper, plastic ribbons and tonnes of sellotape when you wrap this year. Opt for eco friendly paper, recyclable paper or re-use old paper and packaging that your deliveries came in this year. You could even occupy the kids for a while this afternoon and ask them to decorate the boxes and paper to make them cute and festive. And remember- lots of wrapping paper can't be recycled at all, so save any paper you receive with gifts and set it aside for next year.

Plan your feast 

You probably have your menu set out already. Your cupboards are probably already bursting with delicious food that cannot be touched until the 25th. Your fridge is probably groaning as we speak... but wait! What about your freezer? What about your compost bin? This year, use them. Save left overs, don't throw them away. Compost anything that can be. Don't waste food this Christmas. And speaking of Christmas dinner...

Cook carefully

Did you know that it can take up to a whole week's worth of energy to cook a single Christmas dinner? Yikes! Here's how to do it more eco consciously

How to have an eco friendly

When boiling, pop a lid on the pan to make it extra efficient, and always choose the smallest ring on the hob. Don't put water in cold, boil it first in the kettle so that it needs less time cooking over all. Also consider using a steamer, as you can cook more than one item at a time.

Use the microwave. Yes, seriously. It uses less energy to heat things up and it's quicker too. 

Put as much of your Christmas dinner in the oven as you can at the same. Leave it alone (opening the door to check constantly means that your oven loses heat and will take longer to cook) and turn it off 10-15 minutes before time's up. Your oven will retain enough heat to finish it all perfectly.

Cook and dish up using glass or ceramic dishes, as they will retain the heat a lot better, won't need re-warming and cook more efficiently too. Always choose the smallest dish that you can- don't waste energy heating a large dish you don't need!

Recycle and re-use

Sadly, over Christmas here in the UK we spend around £1billion on unwanted gifts. Lots of these gifts will end up in landfill, unless we make a pledge now to recycle and re-use. If you find something under your tree this year that just isn't quite right, see if you can exchange it, re-gift to someone else, or donate to charity. 

And when it comes to packaging and other bits and pieces that seem to literally flow from the house on Christmas Day (especially when you have kids!) then please please recycle them properly. Check with your local council when your recycling bins are being collected as some will have amended schedules.

What tips do you recommend for an eco friendly Christmas this year?