Stocking Stuffing Tips

Stocking Stuffing

The festive season is well and truly upon us, and here at Cuddledry HQ we're more than a little bit excited about it all. If you're not already signed up to be a VIP then what are you waiting for? As part of our 'get ready for Christmas' series, we thought we'd turn the focus to stocking fillers- here's our top three tips for stuffing stockings at Christmas. Enjoy!

Set a budget before you start

Stockings are such a lovely Christmas tradition, and lots of us have happy memories of waking up to see that Santa has been and left lots of treats inside! But the temptation is to buy so much that some of it just won't fit in- and that's a sure sign you've bought too much! Before you even start, set a budget for your stocking fillers and try to stick to it. Its so tempting to keep picking up little bits here and there, but honestly they all add up so be careful with what you choose and stop when you've spent up!

Buy useful stocking fillers

Stocking Stuffing

Ask any parent and they will tell you: cheap plastic toys are the worst things you can fill a stocking with! Those toys children bring home in party bags? Undoubtedly they end up in the bin pretty much as soon as the cake is eaten. Chances are, the same will happen with useless litle plastic toys on Christmas day too.

Don't waste your carefully planned budget on things that aren't going to last! Instead, opt for useful stocking fillers that you and your little ones will actually use. Of course, we recomemend our super cute Cuddleduck for this very reason- made from natural rubber, they're 100% safe for all ages to enjoy and no hole means no mould inside too. The best thing is that this is a gift that will truly be enjoyed too.

Other top stocking filler gifts include a toothbrush, socks, bamboo wash cloths, notebooks and pens, natural sea sponge and craft supplies. 

Consider your child and their developmental stage

Seeing as we're on a mission to reduce waste and limit un-needed and silly plastic toys, lets make sure that this year the things that your child actually enjoys dictate what you put in their stocking. It really doesn't matter how cheap the little mini Santa stickers in the supermarket are, if your child has no interest in them!

Stocking Stuffing

For preschoolers learning to recognise letters and sounds, small books are a great idea, as are our alphabet bath letters. Younger children will enjoy stuffed toys and perhaps a reusable water bottle, or one of our beautiful bamboo hand towels to encourage independent hand washing.

Older children might enjoy books, toiletries, pyjamams or our multi-award winning Cuddletwist for happier hair washes. Browse our Christmas shop and get some inspiration from our Stocking Fillers section now. 

Ultimately, don't be tempted to fill your child's stocking for the sake of it!