Tips for Bathing More Than One Baby

Tips for Bathing More than One

When you bathe a new baby, you need both hands to make it work. Now imagine how parents of twins or more cope at bath time? Having twins is a whole different game sometimes, and bathtime is one such occasion. So can it be safely and efficiently? Of course it can! Here are some tips for bathing more than one baby- hope they help!

One of you, two of them

Already you’re outnumbered, but don’t let that send you into a panic! Hopefully you have plenty of support from your partner, friends or family, and hopefully that support means that most of the time you aren’t on your own. Bathtime can be quite daunting when babies are really tiny, so do seek out help if you need it. Two pairs of hands are always better than one, especially when you have twins!

Be prepared

Get EVERYTHING ready before you start! Think of it like a military mission if you please. Preparation is the key to success so make you have the following ready to go:

  • Two towels- Cuddledry hands free baby towels, naturally. They’ll make the whole getting out of the bath safely so much easier, and minimise the risk of baby getting upset once the cold air hits. If you do have a helper, make sure you are both kitted out in your towels before the babies get in.
  • Nappies and pyjamas
  • A small bowl for top and tailing
  • Equipment needed for feeding

Tips for Bathing More than One

Together in the tub?

When your twins are newborn, you might want to bathe them separately at first. Small baby baths are wonderful for tiny babies as they help them to feel a little more safe and eclosed, and most are only suitable for one baby at a time. If this is the case, make sure the baby who goes second is safe, warm and supervised while you deal with the first one. If you’re on your own, pop baby number two into a bouncy chair or the moses basket nearby so that you can focus on one baby at a time.

Get some support

Baby bath supports are a great idea for when you take the plunge and bathe your twins together. The foam inserts are great but will require another person to be on hand to help. There are other kinds of bath supports that you can use, some of which are like little seats. These can be really handy but please remember that they do not mean you no longer need to supervise your baby. Only use products that have been made specifically for use in the bath.

Tips for Bathing More than One

Invest in a bath mat

The longer the better! A bath mat is a great idea for older babies who can sit up because they help to reduce the risk of slipping. But normal bath mats are just not long enough for when you’re bathing more than one baby at once. Look around for an extra long mat if you can.

Take turns

If you really aren’t sure about bathing both babies at once, that’s fine! Bathing them separately means that you get to spend 1:1 time with them both. And if you have a helper, you can take it in turns. One bathes, the other dresses, and vice versa. That means you both get to spend quality time with them- so make the most of it!

To bathe every day or not?

You don’t need to bathe your babies every day, unless you (and they) really enjoy it. Bathtime does help to establish a good bedtime routine, so lots of families do like to do it every day. However, if you have more than one baby and bathtime is hard work for whatever reason, don’t feel bad about skipping a day.

What are your top tips for bathing more than one baby?